1.03b Patch Notes


  • Mouse X and Y invert options
  • Mousing over the challenge button of a completed level in the level select screen now shows the challenge of that level
  • Added the framerate target option that defaults to twice the current screen's refresh rate to improve performance and fix some physics errors
  • Made projectile boosting (aka "shotgun teching") from a bug into an official feature, making it work more consistently and removing the style gain unless the boosted projectile hits an enemy as well as removing the health gain
  • Added new performance options for disabling environmental particle effects and simplifying enemy spawn effects

Balance changes:

  • Added 3 mercy frames between a projectile hitting the player and the damage happening, making projectile parrying slightly more lenient
  • Changed projectile parry from a raytrace into a hitbox, making projectiles a bit easier to punch at an angle
  • Added diminishing returns on healing a lot in a short period of time to disincentivize tanking hits, though this shouldnt be enough to affect anyone who isn't
  • Cerberus can no longer be cheesed by standing on top of its head in a corner or by standing on the pedestal they start from

Other Changes:

  • Made texture warping a slider rather than a toggle
  • Made toggles in the options slightly lighter so they're more easily visible


  • Fixed some OOB bugs
  • Marksman revolver now shows the correct charge if fully charged while unequipped
  • Fixed Shift binding correctly in the controls options
  • Disabling camera tilt no longer breaks vertical mouselook
  • The player should no longer be able to walljump off thin air after certain events
  • Fixed the demo not ending properly if the player makes it into the other room too fast
  • Shotgun core eject errors fixed
  • 0-4 final hallway's way back now opens once the enemies are defeated
  • Fixed massive slowdown caused by errors from the "Simplified Fire" option
  • Fixed the shop tutorial message showing up too late
  • Fixed Something Wicked not playing the screech in some rare situations
  • Stopped a bug where touching the level end pit without falling in freezes the player
  • Fixed bug where the player can keep playing after dying by pausing and unpausing during the death screen
  • Fixed Swordsmachine's horizontal throw leaving the sword in the arena if the player restarts while the sword is returning to his hand


v1.03b (Windows) 129 MB
Sep 05, 2019
v1.03b (Linux) 131 MB
Sep 05, 2019


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