New Level, New Gun, Reworked Prelude

Hey everyone -- Been a while. Trust me though, I've been busy working on the game, which has recently been picked up by publisher/developer New Blood Interactive.
As it inches ever closer to the completion of its first act and therefore its Early Access release, I started to feel like the Prelude levels were lagging behind in terms of quality, so I gave them a rework. Changes in visuals, structure, pacing and enemy placement to keep things trucking along smoother.

On top of that I've also added a new level to the demo, 1-1: Heart of the Sunrise, which includes a new weapon, the Nailgun.

There's also been way too many tweaks, fixes and changes to list them all, but in general the game should feel smoother and run better now.


v1.05b (Windows) 130 MB
Jun 16, 2020


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1-1 has been in the game since 2020 so has the nail gun


why do i got banned from the server? :(

hola ,me gusta esta pagina ..te hare promo en mi canal

tienen buena pinta los juegos


I already played the game a few months ago, and wow! I really enjoy the new content you added recently!