v1.04, Migrating Saves and Steam Page

Hello everyone.

ULTRAKILL's development is continuing nicely, I've just recently finished the first layer with 4 levels, meaning there are 6 more levels to go before the game enters early access, current estimate this summer.

v1.04 Changelog

I've been making some changes here and there to base things so I figured I might as well push out a new version of the Prelude that includes these updates. The levels and guns are still the same though.

I don't have a complete changelog, but here's the big ones (off the top of my head):

  • Cerberus has been made easier on the Standard difficulty
  • Ground slam now takes 2 stamina bars instead of one, but doing a quick tap of the button allows you to perform a ground slam without the shockwave, taking no stamina
  • Ground slams now launch enemies based on how high up you started the slam from (and if you were really high, enemies will get instantly killed by fall damage)
  • "Slam bouncing" is a new movement tech where you can jump immediately after a ground slam to use the momentum for a very high jump. Works with both the shockwave and non-shockwave versions.
  • Punch is now a spherecast instead of a raycast, meaning it's more lenient on aim. Visual flair included.
  • Animations on shops and menus.
  • Added "ghost" soul orbs to where the player has already found a soul orb. These will give no point bonus, but will show where a soul orb used to be.
  • Some small changes to the levels to make them more intuitive.
  • General optimization.
  • Added an option to turn the shop into a 2D screen instead of a 3D screen. Should be on by default for Linux, as the 3D screen version doesn't work properly on Linux.

And probably a whole bunch of other stuff I'm forgetting.

Save Migration

Due to various reasons, the saves folder has been moved. Your old saves will still work with the exception of your completion of the secret mission, but you'll need to move them over from "AppData/LocalLow/Hakita/ULTRAKILL" to the "Saves" folder in the game directory. On Linux I think the old saves are in ".config/unity3d/Hakita/ULTRAKILL" or something, I can't check as I don't use Linux, but you can just search for .bepis files if they're not there.

Steam Page

Since people have requested, I've made a Steam store page for the game. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1229490/ULTRAKILL/. If you're a Steam user, I would really appreciate it if you wishlisted the game there. It helps with the algorithm. The demo will be arriving on Steam in about 2 weeks as well.

I think that's about it for today's update. If you want updates on the game's progress, you can follow:

Youtube: youtube.com/c/Hakita

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ULTRAKILLGame

And come chat with us on the Discord:


Peace, Hakita.


ULTRAKILL Prelude v104b Windows.zip 140 MB
Feb 02, 2020
ULTRAKILL Prelude v104b Linux.zip 142 MB
Feb 02, 2020


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Yay, the first update since i started playing this game! Hype! also OPTIMIZATIONS are awesome, this game lags a bit sometimes for me, but still is fun as hell, good luck, Hakita! Keep up the GREAT work, surely this is one of my favourite games, ever! ^^