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A free demo for the upcoming game ULTRAKILL, coming to early access in 2020.

ULTRAKILL is a fast-paced ultraviolent old school FPS that fuses together classic shooters like Quake, modern shooters like Doom (2016) and character action games like Devil May Cry.
Mankind has gone extinct and the only beings left on earth are machines fuelled by blood, but now that blood is starting to run out on the surface, machines are racing to the depths of Hell in search of more.

  • Use your many movement abilities to stay mobile in the face of unending swarms of the dead, demons and other machines.
  • Destroy them with an arsenal of incredibly powerful weapons, each with multiple available variations.
  • Soak yourself in their blood to regain health and keep fighting.
  • Kill fast and stylishly to rack up a combo and gain style points that can be used on weapon variations between missions.

It's kill or be killed... And every split second is a matter of life and death.

ULTRAKILL Prelude features:

  • A tutorial, 5 levels and a secret mission.
  • 4 enemy types and 3 bosses
  • 2 weapons with 2 variations each
  • 2 difficulties
  • Tons of replayability

Come join us in the ULTRAKILL discord and let us know what you thought of it or if you have any suggestions for the game:


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How do you find the secret level?

It wouldn't be much of a secret if I just told you, but I can tell you it's in 0-2.

I really need help with swordsmachine

(1 edit)

None of his swings can reach you if you're in the air, so jumping around helps.

Also remember that you're fully invincible for the entirety of your dash, so you can pass through sword swings.


Gave it a go...


Damn that game looks fine!


That was amazing. Please continue development and take as much time as you need. One suggestion is that, at the edge of platforms there should be an invisible extension so that jumping off stuff is easier to time and more forgiving. 9/10 would slay statues again.



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I very, very much enjoyed my time with this game. Love the traversal techniques, the abilities (seriously, flipping that coin and honing in shots off feels very, very satisfying) -- loved the aesthic, loved the soundtrack and OH OH THAT OPENING. So rad. Everything about this game is rad. Can't wait for more content.

Wow!! just wow its the best shooting game i ever played

on this site i really like the dash mechanic and the effects

the game is so beautiful and the design is nice

reminds me of doom back in the old days!

great job!

looking forward for future updates!!!


i was amazed just amazed demo or not this games going places

Great game, hope you all enjoy the gameplay.

I loved this game. Keep putting out new content for it.

Sorry, but the content in the demo is all the content you're gonna get until the full game comes out.

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finally killed the last boss gj man i have a question as a new dev (15yo) for how long have u been developping games??


I started around 3 or 4 or so years ago, mostly just doing small projects like experiments and jam games. ULTRAKILL is my first big project :)


As a big fan of recent fps "demakes" like DUSK and Devil Daggers, I can say this is by far one of the most creative FPS games I've played in a long time. The Character Action systems really add a ton of replayability. I cannot wait for the full release.


I'm hooked.

I forgot there was so much red inside of meat bags! Awesome work!


Very satisfying fast paced action and I'm loving it so far. Music is great! Everything seems to be running well on Solus Linux and I'm excited for devs future work.


This game is fantastic. I love the feel when aiming. You don't have to aim perfectly which makes you feel like a great shot. It's fast paced and very satisfying. 

Fun video, thanks for playing


Just played through the demo. I love what you have going on here. Awesome art style, and over the top blood and gore, and that music is bangin. Can't wait to see what you do next!


Great game! I understand that you have a test build for Linux and would be very happy to see a version made available for this OS.


I'll be uploading a linux build alongside the windows build once 1.03 is done.


That's good news, many thanks!


It's out, let me know if it's broken.

Just had a quick 15-minute bash and everything seems to be in order! Thanks again for the Linux release.

No problem, glad it works :)

Same this looks like a great game!

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I like this game. Its style and music are so good. But at first I can't hit the checkpoint. I think it was a bug. Then second time, I've hit it with "Right mouse button" action.

Thanks to the creator of the game.


absolutly loved this game. Just the pure violence and blood makes the game so fun to play. 


I never knew how much I needed a style meter in Doom. You made Doom (2016) look slow and basic, and I love the bosses in this. The fact that some of this game's features won't be in Doom Eternal is painful. Apply at ID. I'm not kidding. Great job!


Its fast, Intense. Everything I like for a 90s shooter. Great job.

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!!

With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!!



very very good


I played your game and had fun. 

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Wasn't expecting much initially but I'm very impressed after trying it out. The mechanics feel so damn satisfying!

I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this and am looking forward to seeing the full release! Long live the old school FPS revival!


The gameplay is tight and the aesthetic is eye candy for a retro FPS lover. I love how more games in this art style are sufacing. Great job with the weapons and the movement!

Only criticisms would be the enemy models which look a little boring after a while and the blood effects are a little underwhelming as well.


Best game I've played in a long time, for real! This free demo hit every spot I want in an FPS. Keep it up boys! :O


I really like your game. It's fun, challenging and imo good looking. I will send you a video of me trying to play it with no skill but its in serbian, sorry.


I'll watch it anyways :)

ok then, here's the episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6H5F5T45HQc&t
I don't know how long the game is so I decided to do it in episodes


This game is absolutely dope!!


I've played the 5 levels on normal and tried the first one on violent. Very fun and intense. Nice old school asthetics and good music (especially for the last boss, it was quite intimidating). The movement is nice and fluid thanks to the dashes and slams. Enemies coreograph their moves clearly, giving just enough time to react and so deaths don't feel unfair. Health is rewarded by killing enemies up close, a fun risk and reward system (kind of like Doom 2016).

The two guns (pistol and shotgun, not sure if there are others hidden as secrets) feel nice and powerful. At first I felt the pistol would be redundant once I got the shotgun (due to unlimited ammo), but due to the shotguns slow reload I found that I often switched between the two depending on the situation. I really like how the health and stamina is displayed clearly about the crosshair, so even in the very intense moments I can easily see their values.

I like how the tutorial drops you straight into the action, adding instructions after each room so you can try the technique out without being overloaded with the new mechanics too quickly. The levels build up in intensity and variety nicely too. I couldn't find the secrets although I didn't really spend time on that, might try that in the future.

One negative would be that the framerate can drop when multiple enemies are killed at once in explosions or when dropped through the floor, which hopelly will be improved in the future (I played on my laptop which has an i7 8th gen CPU, GTX 1060 6B GPU and 16GB of RAM if that helps as a reference). 

Another thing possibly would be that the final boss fight in the Cerebus level is significantly more difficult than everything that proceeded it (this was on normal, haven't tried on violent yet). Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy the fight for its difficulty and since the boss indicated its different types of attacks clearly I didn't feel cheated when I died. I do like when a boss is difficult and requires multiple attempts to kill, as this makes the fight memorable and satisfying when they get destroyed. I just felt the jump in difficulty was a bit too sudden, perhaps making the end of the previous level a bit more difficult to ease this difficulty spike. I could be wrong though and maybe others disagree.

Overall I really enjoyed this game, and look forward to its future development to the final release.

(This is the first time I've ever given feedback/review for a game I've played, so I hope its helpful)

Thank you for the detailed feedback!

I'm planning on taking a look at optimizing the gore and explosions a bit more in the future, but at the moment, the graphics options give you options for simpler explosions as well as how much blood you get per hit in case your performance gets real bad.

The problem with the Cerberus fight is that its difficulty is incredibly split -- For some people who had trouble with Swordsmachine, they get Cerberus with one try, for some others it takes over 20 to get it down. It really depends on how much you've gotten used to the movement of the game and when the right moment to go in to heal is.

Balance changes will keep happening overtime, though. If a lot of people find Cerberus too hard, I'll ease the fight up a bit.


This is a total blast to play! Great job!


An absolute blast will definitely buy the full release.


Awesome game I will buy the full version when it is released. I would also like to see a multiplayer in the full release.


I love it