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A free demo for the upcoming game ULTRAKILL, coming to early access in 2020.

ULTRAKILL is a fast-paced ultraviolent old school FPS that fuses together classic shooters like Quake, modern shooters like Doom (2016) and character action games like Devil May Cry.
Mankind has gone extinct and the only beings left on earth are machines fuelled by blood, but now that blood is starting to run out on the surface, machines are racing to the depths of Hell in search of more.

  • Use your many movement abilities to stay mobile in the face of unending swarms of the dead, demons and other machines.
  • Destroy them with an arsenal of incredibly powerful weapons, each with multiple available variations.
  • Soak yourself in their blood to regain health and keep fighting.
  • Kill fast and stylishly to rack up a combo and gain style points that can be used on weapon variations between missions.

It's kill or be killed... And every split second is a matter of life and death.

ULTRAKILL Prelude features:

  • A tutorial, 5 levels and a secret mission.
  • 4 enemy types and 3 bosses
  • 2 weapons with 2 variations each
  • 2 difficulties
  • Tons of replayability

Come join us in the New Blood discord and let us know what you thought of it or if you have any suggestions for the game:


Or follow the game on twitter or youtube to stay up to date on the game's development:




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v1.04b Hotfix (Windows) 134 MB
v1.04b Hotfix (Linux) 136 MB

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best demo i havent played for an fps this good in a super long time cant wait for the full game!!


A good game, whit good optimization and a fucking... FUCK i need it! when you put this on Steam i need buy it! i like so mutch


Remember to wishlist it so you'll get a notification when it's out on Early Access.



I find that you can boost your own shootguns shoots

Thats crasy and so funny, but a little broken <3

i love the game, is on my whishlist now


Holy shit. This is a demo? It feels like a full indie game. I am so hyped for the full release.


Thank god i found this game for some timepass and dopamine


fucking incredible !!! i am blown away by this game. feels very good to play and the theme sucks you in. can't wait for early access


This game is actually amazing. The second boss fight is really well coreographed and it shows when and how he'll attack. My only criticism is that I think there should be a better indicator when I reflect and punch enemy projectiles back at them I could never tell visually. Other than that amazing game and I can't wait to see how it'll improve

i cant play on Linux, can anyone help?

it isnt uploaded on linux bruv

it is. when you go and download it, it says "Linux" and it gives you instructions. But the instructions don't work.

Unfortunately I don't really know much about Linux so I can't help if the instructions don't work. If you could explain the issue in more detail I could ask someone who knows better.

Thats watt i said dude . Itch gives an OPTION for linux but the game itself shall be compatibble with itt. Cant wait to see the real complete game btw....

Thats watt i said dude . Itch gives an OPTION for linux but the game itself shall be compatibble with itt. Cant wait to see the real complete game btw....


This game is freaking awsome. I loved playing it and most likely will play it again. A multiplayer mode would be amazing also.

this game is like doom but more... how to say it. More retro and there is a litel of blood


this game is f##king awesome. the game gets more and more difficult, but the most difficult part for me, was the most fun part. i got stuck at the second bossfight with the swordmachine, but it was still so much fun to try and try again, slowly learning my enemies fun and new attacks. every try i would get just a bit better at dodging him, just a bit better at my positioning, just a bit better at the game. it was so much fun. now having finished the game, i look forward to the full game. It's just good. really good. like unexplainably good. even the trailer on steam got me excited to see new maps, weapons. if you are reading this, and havent played the game, please play it for your own happiness. its really f##king good.


also i didnt say this originally, but every single shot (especially parries) feels SO satisfying! like i would go back to the first level, go to the part where they first show you how to do parries, AND JUST parry everything i could. its just perfectly made. the timing, the animation that plays when you do punch it back is just a breath of satisfaction. everytime id go around a corner, charging up a bomb with the shotgun, just in case an enemy is there, i see like 5 enemies running towards me, i shoot at them, the explosion with the blood, and the effect it gives you. just straight up dopamine. great game

(1 edit)

ok so i learned, that you can actually parry the attacks of the swordmachine. and thus:

edit: so i learned that if you skip the first bossfight you can actually go to the second one. and thus:

i also have a question about this game, wich is about one of the abilities witht the guns. the revolver wich you can buy, has the ablity to throws coins, but i never knew what it did. i dont think i ever actually used it other than when i bought the gun to check out its abilities.

When you click on the gun in the shop to buy it, there's a piece of text that explains how it works. Basically, if you hit the coin while it's in the air, it will ricochet your shot into the nearest enemy's weakpoint.

ooooohhh thats really cool!

im gonna go do a coin only run


Great game! Difficult but fun. A few suggestions : make it a bit less pixelated to increase visibility, buff the shotgun so it doesn't kill u if u shoot urself, I spend more time dying to shotgun than anything. Also buff Cerberus, as u can easily punch it to death, like make it do some close range attk that knocks you back so u can't punch it.


You can turn off the downscaling in the Graphics options if you don't want the game to be as pixelated as it is by default. There will be some changes to the punch and health system in the next version.


i'm sadly past the time where i have the patience to play difficult games (anything faster than quake is a lot for me), but i'm very much in love with what you've got here, and i will absolutely be recommending this gem. 

There's an assist mode in the pause menu that lets you tone things down like game speed and damage taken, if you feel you'd have more fun if the game was slower and/or more forgiving.


oh my god, that's amazing, thank you for considering us old folk!<3


This is something special


Man, this game is really good. I mean, the movement is smooth af, shooting fells great, environment is awesome. It does have some imperfections though, such as if you switch weapons when reloading the double barell it will reload instantly, but that's to be surely fixed. It's a demo for now.

Cancelling the shotgun reload is intentional. There are a lot of small tricks like that that can be used to your advantage.

(1 edit) (+1)

Speaking of tricks, I accidentally discovered the Projectile Boost where, if you punch as soon as you fire your shotgun, you turn it into an explosive projectile and I've been spamming it like crazy!

Heck, you can even parry melee attacks like the Swordmachines! I was finding it easy as pie!


Oh cool, I din't think it was intentional. That makes it even nicer to have these tricks to discover. Keep it up, dude, you're making a great game


Genuienly increadible, I really wish the full game was already out so I could spend all of my time on it

Is there a 32 bit version published yet?

No, not yet.


loving this game. i made a short review with my own gameplay 


the game wass amaizing its oane of the best old stile fps games in a while , but the movement make it fill like anew game oane of the best indie games of this year keep the good worck.

(1 edit)

If the moment when you spawn, you press space quite a lot of times, the moment you touch the ground, the character bounces into oblivion

Had a lot of fun, definity buying it when its out.

(1 edit)

sometimes by doing so u can jump so hight that you leave the spawn "tube" and fall of, then a message of whoops sorry about that will pop up and you will be teletransported into another room with what looks like a tube, but where u cannot acces

This has been fixed so the fix is in the next patch.

what does the blue skull do in mission 2?

Look around. There's something else that's blue.

(1 edit) (+1)

It the best game that i ever played from itch.io and i would highly recommended to peoples that never play this.

Btw, is there going to be mutiplayer modes (Doing Boss With Friends,etc.) I would love to do Boss Raid with friends.

No multiplayer planned since it would require rewriting most of the game's code to be possible.

pls lo fai gratis?

Nope, the full game will cost money.


I beat it, and I have to say the full game is probably going to be so good.

Do you know the price of the full game and will it be on steam thank you.

It will be on steam and currently has a page where you can wishlist it: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1229490/ULTRAKILL/

No confirmed price yet, but it'll probably be in the $15-20 range.

Thanks for the info 

where is the full game?, i love this game so much and would love to buy it


Not done yet. Early Access will begin sometime this summer.


Interview w/ ULTRAKILL Dev Hakita Mar 2020
YouTube // Podcast Directories


I want to 100% the game, and the only thing i'm missing is the no kill challenge on 0-5. Is it possible in this demo or will it be added in the full release ?


It's possible.

is the Full version Cost Money



i fk love it

Is the coin trajectory being influenced by the direction you're moving in intentional? and if so, why did you decide to implement it when just having a set trajectory every time would be a bit easier to hit?


Always having it have the same trajectory made it feel too static, so I added the momentum inheritance to make it more dynamic without making it random.


Ah, thanks for clearing up. Loving the game, btw. Stay safe!


Love the game!


love it!

this looks amazing and i cant wait for this to come out! do you a price set?

Probably $20.





How the HELL do you exit the level with swordsmachine?

If you tell me where you're stuck I can explain where to go next.

I'm stuck in the room with the 4 statues.

Pick up the shotgun that Swordsmachine drops and use its alt fire to destroy the cracked wall that blocks the door.

Tried it, didn't work, even when i used the alt-fire. I think I just might have to restart the game.

Can you show a video of it?


Thank you Hakita, very cool. Can't wait for the early access.


This game is awesome, though I'm stuck fighting the crazy sword machine boss. Keep it up!

Controller pleb here 

i'm having issues with controllers on pretty much every linux distro i have tried including ubuntu 

i can control the menu but no button inputs are actually working


There's no controller support yet, but it's planned and will probably be ready for the Early Access release this summer.

Good Stuff

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