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A free demo for the upcoming game ULTRAKILL, coming to early access in 2020.

ULTRAKILL is a fast-paced ultraviolent old school FPS that fuses together classic shooters like Quake, modern shooters like Doom (2016) and character action games like Devil May Cry.
Mankind has gone extinct and the only beings left on earth are machines fuelled by blood, but now that blood is starting to run out on the surface, machines are racing to the depths of Hell in search of more.

  • Use your many movement abilities to stay mobile in the face of unending swarms of the dead, demons and other machines.
  • Destroy them with an arsenal of incredibly powerful weapons, each with multiple available variations.
  • Soak yourself in their blood to regain health and keep fighting.
  • Kill fast and stylishly to rack up a combo and gain style points that can be used on weapon variations between missions.

It's kill or be killed... And every split second is a matter of life and death.

ULTRAKILL Prelude features:

  • A tutorial, 5 levels and a secret mission.
  • 4 enemy types and 3 bosses
  • 2 weapons with 2 variations each
  • 2 difficulties
  • Tons of replayability

Come join us in the New Blood discord and let us know what you thought of it or if you have any suggestions for the game:


Or follow the game on twitter or youtube to stay up to date on the game's development:




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v1.05b (Windows) 130 MB
v1.04b Hotfix (Linux) 136 MB

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in cerberus you can slide through the first set of crushers btw make sure to bugfix this in the next patch


Wow... dis game... is... amazing! I like the old-timey style and it sorta reminds me of Doom!

AN ABSOLUTE BANGER! This was so much fun to play, you guys did an amazing job with this one. One of my favorite games I played on my channel. Great game guys! 馃憦馃憦馃憦

one of my fave shooters

waiting for this to come to nintendo switch

Is this game going to come to console. I would love if this game came to xbox. It's such a fun game.

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P ranked all the prelude levels still too scared to do Something Wicked tho 

(2 edits) (+2)

well done! now buy the game and p-rank P-2. :)

if only demo progress transfered to main game... 

Oh not to worry, p-ranking prelude is relatively easy to do when you do it once!


just shoot something wicked, thats how i beat it 


este juego es demasiado bueno y muy entretenido y con mecanicas geniales !


This is awesome! Fast, fun, and runs on my Thinkpad T430. Great work.

How do I get these on Android?


You do not want this on android.

Is just smooth polygons what could go wrong controls or graphics could go wrong  or phone -> explode

its not the graphics. its the controls. playing this game on a phone would be a nightmare due to the way it works. there's so many things you can pull off in this game that require the precision that a keyboard and mouse provides. also you would be completely unable to quickswap

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Oh I was thinking about that maybe the Dev could make a new game calling it ULTRAKILL  Nightmare for PC most impossible for Android or Apple its the original game with the controls being the problem

for context about why mobile would be impossible

if yes THANKS

is this a full version

nope its demo

full version at devilmayquake.com


3 years later and it still rocks

havent died to a enemy besied the damn glass floors XD

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The game is perfect. The movement, the graphics that fit so well, gameplay, weapons, mechanics, EVERYTHING. I would buy the full game, but i can't buy it since inflation fucking sucks. Would buy it if i could.

same, dollar price in ukraine is WILD.

Already bought the current version on steam, but am gonna try out this version. If I had more money, I'd have paid more. Enjoy, Hakita. And good luck with the rest of development.

Un juego bell铆simo y hermoso el cual jam谩s uno se imaginar铆a que est谩 donde est谩 al d铆a de hoy, a casi nada de terminarse, y super谩ndose cada vez m谩s, es espectacular el como cada d铆a me sorprende m谩s este juego, una obra de arte. Muy recomendado, ya sea esta especie de Demo o la versi贸n completa en steam. 





The prelude to what would become

this game>>>>>>>>

doo it have running with shift

no, you do a dash

God tier game

so good! 


Great game but when robot sex?


e- a- EW JUST NO

it seems you're close minded

what, this place can have kids, and sex is an adult thing so i dont care what you said

dude go to devilmayquake.com and look at the reviews. 99% of negative reviews on this game are about how it lacks sex

oh really?

This game is incredible. frenetic and crazy. The feeling of movement is fantastic. TRY IT!
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I only played this for like 25 minutes, but WOW!!! This is incredible! The music is pretty bangin', the graphics fit really well, the action is fast-paced and fun, and there's no noticeable bugs! This is just a demo right? Well anyways, my laptop has low specs, and it runs yet fine. This is a masterpiece!

If you thought it was fun, go to devilmayquake.com and see where it leads you (it just takes you to the steam page so if you're scared its a virus download just search Ultrakill on steam)

Broke Swordmachine by fighting him only by punching.

Also the ULTRAKILL demo is beatable by only punching enemies and using two core shots from the shotgun.

Amazing demo. I have played it SO MUCH that the game just crashes. I would pay for the full game, but this demo is all I need. I don't need to pay for the game when I have a fun demo to play all the way through 1,000 times!


Full game is worth it, buy it

Deleted post

Wonderful Game to bad is being overshaodwed by crappygames on this website


Loveit pretty cool but imstuck in chapter 2 or the one where you kill the guardian i killed him but now im stuck in the other levle idk what to do







fag person



this is your only contribution to this website after more than a year, kinda funny honestly



Very Fun Game!

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