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You did a really great job, I wish I could give you my money but i'm poor


this game is epic.



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ну привет, азазин крит

русские шрифты забыли завезти


Wish i could give money but im poor asf 

Jesus... just blood more blood and GUNS.
-  GucciApple

quote me on that.




I love this game, really cool. I tried playing with lowest texture wrapping and it was hard.

What is the Limbo section at the end? Id it the end of the game?

that's the first level of act 1, the let you play it in the demo until the end, there that's the demo end, to play the whole game (although there is only prelude and act 1 out of the three there will be on the finished game) you will need to buy the game on steam (it is currently in early access)


legend. One of my favorite games of all time


good retro style game :D i have PSX and that looks like it

I'm looking for this robot game where you're in an arena and you fight multiple bots if you find the game or know what it is please tell me I remember playing it and it's a good game.

Looking for this?


This is game is amazing! 😁

Perfection. 360p PSX recommended for optimal nostalgia gameplay.


Amazing, it was so much better than what I was expecting. It feels so new, but at the same time, it has the feel of old games. I've only played the Demo and it's really good. I'm not sure about this, but I think I choose the easiest option, but the 2 status boss battle was so damn hard I did it like more than 15 times.

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holy shit this game is incredible. this is what the fps genre has been missing

Best Thing is its optimized and runs great I didnt played so fun game its dynamic and OP...

Really Good Game Optimized I am proud of the developer well done : )

this game is so gory and demonic, i love it. it's like doom but faster and more acrobatic. if i could, i would buy this game.

You can! In fact it's on sale right now!

thats the thing, i dont have any money.

bro i did the whole demo it so cool


it BETTER then paladins! recommended this game it better then cold war


it dose not cost money =_=

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I've finally created a paypal account to buy games, I am gonna buy your game ASAP!


I wish I could buy the game

age to play this?it so awesome

very epic game, recommended for fast paced and action packed gamers out there

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I played the entire demo (didnt 100% tho) and enjoyed it very much. you can turn of the gore but it makes it waayy less fun and exiting. Plus the blood is not realistic compered to now days. I am under the age of twelve and this was not inappropriate at all. I recommend trying it if you like a fast paced action fps and i might get the full version on steam.

loving the game just wished the demo was longer. great work fam


the demo version is so fun but short 😂😂😂

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Quake 2 for free but with different mechanics Marksman is the best, coolest, and classiest weapon


hey! i love this game so much! i started playing 4 days ago i saw markiplier play it earlier today, congrats!!! Will the full version be free in the future?



ultra kill on steam i wished that happened a long time ago

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can you turn off gore


Yes, the game has an option that lets you turn off blood and gibs.

Check this out!

linked you in description!

best game evermade, good graphics and you dont even need a good computer. waiting for release. How much would it cost if you would release it?

The early access version is currently $20 but will rise as more content is added in. Probably in the $25-30 range but hasn't been decide yet.


It would be faster for you to just try it out for yourself since it's free and a small filesize.


I can't wait for the full release! This game is extremely fun.


After I played the demo I couldn't stop thinking about this game for the next couple of days and finally decided to buy the early access on Steam yesterday. 

Gotta say, money well spent. Thank you for this, it's a work of art, really. Looking forward to the full release.

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