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love the game can't wait for it to come out just asking if you have a price set already so i can save up before hand

I absolutely love this game already, but im having this issue where the character switches weapons automatically while im not scrolling the mouse. Is this a bug you know about already? Great work already thouhg. I hope i can make games like this one day to.

Could you explain the issue in more detail? Haven't had any reports of anything like this happening.

its just like i said, the game randomly cycles between all the weapons (both handgun and shotgun with the 2 variants of either, so all 4 in total). I actually thought it was because the guns i was using were out of ammo, but since the gane doesnt have an ammo system it doesnt have that. I play with a basic wireless mouse and an Azerty keyboard (with movement set to zqsd of course). If i can give you any more information you need about my hardware or something, feel free to ask. Id love to help you find the answer to this in any way i can.

This game is absolutely awesome! I havent enjoyed an fps sicne Doom and this game scratches that itch amazingly. I am eagerly lookig forward to this games release. I have a question about the music though. In the first level there seems to be two versions of the music. One for when you are exploring and another for when enemies are nearby. I assume this is how the music will work with other levels. Will both versions of the songs be on the soundtrack once it releases? Either way I look forward to the early access and any future projects you work on <3


Haven't decided yet, but most likely on the songs on the official soundtrack will be combining parts of both versions to create one song. There may be a chance down the line of each version being released seperately, but that isn't a priority.

Will there be a 4:3 mode so if I want to, I can play it on a old CRT monitor?

4:3 resolutions are available


I didn't know exactly what to expect from this game going in but it genuinely had me hooked from the start. the fast paced doom-like gameplay is super fun and keeps you playing one level after another. the enemy designs are decently varied and are all fun to deal with. The bosses really surprised me too, the bosses felt like they had a lot of work put into them since the few bosses that there were had varied movesets, which meant you'd have to deal with all of them differently rather than just blindly shooting. the secrets and achievements also gives a lot of replay value to the levels. besides all of that though, the game is plain, high octane, fun and that's all you really need to make a game like this super enjoyable.
looking forward to the full release cause this left me wanting a lot more. good luck with development <3



I absolutely loved this game it was just amazing and I can't wait until the full release


I was wondering how far is the game in developement? i m really invested in the game iv played 3hours of the demo, 4 times thru :D. and just wanted to ask if you are gonna make the realease this summer or do you think its gonna be delayed.

ps. amazing game :D

There’s a couple levels left to make for Act I, after which it will come out in Early Access. Estimated late summer or early fall. Game wont be fully complete until at least a year from now, possibly longer.

Had an absolute blast of a time! Would like to show you more of my gameplay but OBS started playing up so will have to make do with the early part of the demo for now! Keep up the great work!!

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This is an amazing game. It takes the aesthetic and pacing of the original Doom/Quake and heavily improves upon it. The art style really brings the whole thing to a new level of retro gore-horror and that coupled with the amazing and fluid gameplay make this one of the best games I've played in the past few years.

If I had to critique one thing, I'd say that the slide and groundpound don't get nearly enough use. They are introduced and then used for a few puzzles and then that's it. My idea for a better groundpound would be that it does damage in a radius and not just on a direct hit. It would also be cool if the damage of a groundpound scaled based on how high up the player was at the start of the groundpound.

Still, this is an amazing game, and I will definitely buy the full game once it comes out.

VERY GOOD game I LOVED IT 100/100


I spent 4hours on the prelude. Four. Hours. Can you imagine how much I'll spend on the full game? Holy smokes I bloody love it, and I'm still learning new mechanics!



i made an account just to say this game looks amazing im a big fan of doom (played all games for more than 5 minutes) i can say this is doom approve

Genuinely one of the best games I've played in recent memory. I'm in love with the little secrets littered around each level, not just the orbs, but the bonus boss fights and secret passages as well. I really like the movement and it all feels so natural, which is crazy considering how awful my computer is. Super excited to see what the full game looks like and excited to spend money on it. I do want to ask though, would there be any way to access legacy versions to see how the game used to look/work? If not it's fine though

There's no way to access the previous demo versions anymore, but there's a bunch of very early playable builds available here:

And my youtube channel has a bunch of devlog videos showing the progress of the game's development:


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Nope, the full game will cost around $15-20 or so.

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If you like the game I'd suggest you buy it. I can't keep making games if I can't support myself by making games.


sorry hakita, u know many of us cant afford it, even if i wont get the pirated version many others will, i suggest u to use online encrypted activation so it doesnt get cracked please.

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i will pay $20 if i don't have drm that gets in the way of me playing

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$15-20 usd? i'd be willing to get it, considering the game has the unique quality of making you feel like a dreadnought that had a rail-gun, rockets, auto-cannons, a warp drive, and some RCS thrusters the size of wrecking balls strapped to you while you slide around the room in 3 dimesions like some grim-reaper ballerina of death, I've only played 8 hours, and I already found out that you can dash-walljump your way over the lava pit in the Cerberus boss-level, this game is art, and it's specialty is annihilation.


If these guys can put in months of work to create it, you can surely do a little bit of work to pay for it. You still have time before release.

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I like it. It's a lot of fun and kinda challenging. Nice job!


Demo feedback: While non-boss combat was fun, i found it too easy to avoid damage. The player can jump high enough and move fast enough to avoid most enemy types indefinitely. It's still fun to play with completion time in mind, but I hope to see more air-threatening enemies or enemy abilities as time goes on, so that dash, wall jump and slide have more use.

Still one of a handful of games I've really enjoyed lately.


this game is fucking insane

where can we fund the game or preorder?


The game will enter Early Access in a couple months so that’s when. Follow here on and wishlist on to get updated on when it’s ready


I think it's a great and amazing game, I look forward for the full release.

(I made a video of the game, but is in spanish. here it is, if you want to see it)

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unfair DOOM LOL but this game so f***king cool!!!


This is such a great game, and it's not even the full game!  It runs perfectly on an old laptop and it's really fast paced, kinda giving Doom vibes. I'm so hyped for the full verision. Not sure if this helps but I found a bug that glitches you out of the map if you try to glide while going up stairs.

Could you explain the issue in more detail? I don't quite understand what you mean.

waiting on the mac version reeee

Since I have no experience with developing for Mac (or Linux) I'll just be focusing on Windows. We'll look into the possibility of porting to other systems after the game's done.

Hai. I played the Prelude and comming here because of the Steam demo. I can't punch, not even when I change the key mapping. It worked in the prelude, but for some reason it no longer works in the Steam demo. And because of that I can't move through the tutorial. Any way to fix that?

Will have to look into it in a couple of days


Never in my life have I ever thought I'd put 7+ hours into a DEMO. Looks like that's been changed.

will the game have a price tag? if so how much will it cost? i swear i read somewhere it will be free but i cant remember

Yes it will cost money. No set price yet but expect $15-20

would u guys make something like a release sale or something like that

this game is amazing i am hyped for when the full relese comes out!
and is there going to be a liunx port on steam i don' t want to have to use wine

Unfortunately no. Something that became very clear to me is I can't support Linux natively because of little I know about it. There have been people asking me how to even launch the game on Linux and I can't help them. While this was fine for a free demo, it would simply be unacceptable for a commercial product. From what I've heard, it works well on Proton though.

ah ok thanks for responding
i guess i will just use proton cool


Fast and awesome! I'm definitely buying this when it comes out! It's earned my money!

A friend told me about the game and i decided to give it a go today but for some reason every time i launch the game i get black screen

the 1.04b hotfix version works fine


This is due to the new intro video. The video is an .mp4 which requires an installation of "Microsoft Media Foundation" to work. Most PCs have this by default, but since some don't, the next update will be switching the intro video from .mp4 to .webm.


this is absolutely a great game. Made me sweat to finish it on all As. It has bring me back to the old quake days!


Okay, so I expected to play this thing for about 20 minutes, and then delete it off of my computer, dismissing it as yet another boring Indie game.

HOLY HELL I WAS SO WRONG. I don't think I've played anything this fun in a long while, and I think it speaks volumes that my potato computer was lagging the whole time, and I played through the entire thing. I'm so excited for the full release, and you can expect me to buy it once I can


I'm speechless... this is just amazing


Hello Hakita! JUst letting you know your game was AMAZING! It was a ton of fun to play, and I have replayed it many times.

Also, even if this goes under your nose, just know, I hope you're doing well. If you're working on it currently, no sweat, I know you'll finish it.

Good luck.

When it is done will it be for sale or will it be free?

And where is it going to be published?

It will cost money and will be sold on Steam and

A great game! I found a few bugs, like some out of bounds glitches and being able to disable your weapon. Ignoring that, this game is 10/10


personally i would call a game like devil may cry a spectacle fighter but thats just me


10/10. Good job

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This is like a Mix between apex legends, and DOOM, 10/10 -IGR


Is there going to be mod support for this game? 

There are no official modding tools planned currently, but some level of modding is still possible.

Cool! also I'm just wondering if there is any possibility of a limited physical edition? if there is then i would definitely preorder that.

We'll be considering things like that after the game is done, which will be a long while from now.

Cool! if that does happen then I think it would be cool if it came in a mock PS1 case complete with a manual. also would it be DRM free?  

No plans for DRM currently.



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