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Can i ask? What engine did you create this game?


v104, the second map doesn't load.

The v102 worked ok.

Could you explain the problem in more detail?

I'm just falling down indefinitely. Doesn't really seem to be stuck in loading since I can access the menu with no problem, restart, quit, etc... I think it's similar to when you forget to include a map in the build of the game and then try to load it. I was gonna check the output log but can't find it.

That problem is caused by the game failing to save. Possible reasons are that the Saves folder is set as Read Only or is in a Read Only directory, or that you're attempting to play directly from the .zip file.

I've since added a warning screen that tells this to you when the game starts if it's unable to save or load and lets you progress with saving disabled if you want, so that will be in 1.05

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Apparently it's Windows treating you like you are 4 years old. I removed read only, still didn't work. I checked the folder properties again, it doesn't take my changes into consideration, even as administrator. Maybe if I move it to another place... Nope didn't work...

If the "Read Only" box is filled with a square instead of a checkmark, that means it should work, and the problem lies elsewhere. I don't know your PC so I can't say for sure, but it's probably some permission issue.

Any plans to allow mods into the game after release?

There are no plans for modding tools, but some modding is already possible with the demo.



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Is the 1.04 build broken? I get to Swordsmachine and rather than fighting him on the second phase he teleports away, and the arena, as well its foyer looks hella broken compared to videos of it I've seen.

This is not a bug, but there should be notice to the player about alt-firing the cracked doors. While it should have clicked in my dopey-ass mind since windows can be alt-fired with the pistol it wasn't nearly as intuitive in my brain to alt-fire the cracked door.

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Its an amazing game! I cant stop playing it!
No really I need help I havent spelt for 3 days. And I got no food left. But I have too much fun too leave the house.

Also the bosses are fun, but you can kill them very easy by standing in the corner.


There have been some changes to the way the health system works to make tanking hits less effective, which will be included in the next patch.

good game but i think the boss battles are kinda bad. am i the only one who thinks that the boss battles ruin the fun time murder killing 

I think they're a neat challenge, but why do you think they're kind of bad?


I can not wait for full release! It's on my steam wishlist and I'll be sure to talk about it on our podcast!


Awesome work! I wish you the best of luck with the development of this game :)


This is absolutely amazing. Can't wait for the final release.

Also add more weapons like an lmg or something, and an AR. Also Great job. Amazing, Fast Paced, good bossbattles, also add dificulty changer, like normal, hard, very hard and ultra nightmare, and man can't wait for the final bossbattle.

definetly a thumbs up! 

Does it feature Multiplayer and if not is Multiplayer a goal?


No plans for multiplayer as it would require rewriting most of the game's code to be possible.


if you sometime make part 2 could there be multiplayer?

I doubt I'll make a second one at least anytime in the next 10 years, but if I do I'd like to do multiplayer as well, yes.

Hi, What system specs are needed?

Asking because my pc broke and all I have is laptop.


Dunno. Give it a shot and see how it goes.

It runs smooth untill I like kill 100 enemies and the room fills with blood and gibs

try disabling them

yo how do i get past the broken wall in the mission Double Down?

There's another door at the bottom of the stairs.

OOOHHHHHHH- How am i just now seeing that? anyway thanks lmao

Is it normal that the graphics are so bad?

I mean, the weird shaes and so

Yes. If you dont like it, you can turn off some of the PSX Settings in the Graphics options.

anyone else have a problem where the mouse 1 and 0 dont work? but the mouse doe

Nah. Mouse 0 is right click and muse 1 is left click i think.

i know but i have to map my keys to my keyboard instead of my mouse to shoot and alt fir

Could you explain the problem in more detail? I don't quite understand what you mean.


As soon as this comes out, im buying!

Really enjoyable game, nice job on the movement! 



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This is an awesome game difficulty was very easy but the final level was super fun you have to focus to beat the final boss('s). It gives you a Doom vibe when playing this which is great, I found one little problem when changing the quality during the game like if you put it at modern art ( I think that´s what its called) you can't see anything maybe that's how it is or something, But I still recommend    

I also made a YouTube video to show how fun it was.



I love the game

Enjoyed playing the heck out of the demo (even if I could never score a perfect rank on any of the levels, drat!)

To offer some suggestions:

-Could you encourage players to vary their tactics so that repeating the same attack over and over will build up your ranking less and less? I've seen a YT video of someone scoring a P rank on every level by using mostly the shotguns grenade launcher altfire, which is kinda boring to watch.

-I personally have trouble trying to use both the crouch sliding and boost moves in tandem, although maybe I need to set up a better keyboard layout. Still, I was wondering if you could allow players to boost by double tapping the movement keys and/or key both boosting and sliding to the same key (Tap to boost and hold to slide). I'm sure not everyone will like this idea so perhaps, at least, make these optional in the controls menu.

-Will an arena-style survival mode a la Bloody Palace be in the works for this game? This kind of game seems to beg for one.

On the swordsmachine fight I managed to clip him through the ground I think? I was unable to finish the level, I did it using the shotgun and melee attack at the same time.

I hit my own projectile?

This is a common bug that I've been trying to fix but is proving quite difficult to.

Bug: When I went to settings to look at what the controls were, I clicked the controls option and it corrupted the file causing me to have to redownload it

Could you describe what happened in more detail? Does this still happen if you try to open the controls options or was it just the first time? What OS are you using? Did the game refuse to launch after it was corrupted?

who else could here E1M1 from DOOM in the trailer

i have a chromebook thats why

Who says you can't lol

There is linux on chromebook, isn't there?

i cant get linux because of the administrater


oh lol

no. its not a lol.  

this looks so cool! to bad i can't play.

this game is hella fun, but i would love more weapons, maybe like a rocket launcher that could launch other types of projectiles, like swords or like fire bombs, or maybe a melee weapon. Good luck and i cant wait for the full version

There will be more weapons in the full version.

is this for 64 bit only?

Currently yes, but I can make 32-bit versions as well.

Did you make/publish a 32 bit version?

No, not yet. I'll do it alongside the next patch which will probably be late this month or early next month.


I love every thing about this game, specially the quick past


Absolutely amazing game. Play this game!


This game is exceptional. Play this game right now...

So has anyone else picked up on how overpumping the shotgun is actually is actually a super useful tool for building up combos? You just have to have a nice group of enemies so when you burst it the blood refills your health and you can get to Ultrakill really easy while still keeping max health


Just got done with the demo and this is pretty awesome. Very fast paced and challenging!


Ok so I just finished the demo and yes YES YESSS this is exactly what I need, I loved all of it, the weopons, the enimes, I do have a complaint that it kinda did the same "your walking in a hall way, then the doors close, boom encounter" witch the first couple times I enjoyed but near the end it kinda got annyoing, the levels are a little tight for my taist. But I had a lot of fun and can't wait to see what this turns into 

Woodrow rating 10/10


If you're scanning the comments out of interest just download it.  It's an absolute thrill.


The concept of mods changing how the shotgun loads is such a simple concept, yet amazing at the same time. I love the effort everyone put into this game and I'm so glad it exists!

PS: Since it has support for 4 mods, and shotgun has pump action and dual barrels, will the other two slots be open for lever action and auto?


Possibly, it will depend entirely on what is fun to play with.

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Hi, so this is the best new game I've played in ages. The idea of a shooter with a DMC-Style scoring system to encourage replays and high-level play, and the fact that someone has finally gone and done it, with some of the best goddamn combat I've played in any game ever, has me more hyped for this than practically any other upcoming game I can think of. That being said, I'd like to offer up a bit of criticism of the movement system, namely the fact that the slide and the slam are bound to the same button. This is unlikely to be a problem with enough play, but when first learning the game, having a button that can either give you a sudden boost of horizontal momentum, or slam you towards the ground has led to enough deaths from slamming myself into environmental hazards when I wanted to move myself forwards towards an enemy that I feel there's probably a better way to bind the keys so as to not throw first-time players off so hard.

Edit: Would also like to report a bug: In the first/second level, where you are originally introduced to breaking glass, if you bring some enemies from the room immediately before where you are first introduced to breaking glass into the one where you first break glass, they will often fall through the glass into the room below. Not a major problem, but just thought it worth pointing out.


My testies are overstimulated.

I wish I could give money, but my mom won't lend me the PayPal.

me too


This is incredible, and I cannot wait for the full release of this game. That being said, I want this to be the best game it can be, so I'd like to level my biggest criticism, which is the level design. It's a little samey, and something that bothers me more actually is it suffers from one of my biggest problems with DOOM 2016, and that's that not only is it samey in design, but the look is too similar. My biggest problem with that game was that it was one red room to another, it was nearly all reds and grays, and it got a little grating on the eyes. I loved the parts where you could go outside, that was great, and I think the more aethetic variation there is to the levels while still sticking to the overall look and feel of the game the better. That all being said, it was still an incredible experience and I'm so excitied to buy the full release!

The plan is for each layer of Hell to have a distinct visual style. I do agree the Prelude ended up being too samey and boring though, so once the rest of the game is done I might go back and redo some of it to make it a bit more interesting.

Ahh, I see! Well, I'm super excited for it, you've got something great here! Such a good mix of mechanics, it's awesome! Keep up the amazing work!


its good


all I can say is: holy shit

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