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ceberus is super hard, but the game is very very good.

nice job

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The game is awesome, I played it a lot and only now after 3 weeks, I remembered to leave my review, it's fun, addicting, nice looking, filled with secrets that are REALLY satisfiyng to find, and i can't wait to see the rest of this game, if you like first person shooters, fast paced games, and something like doom but faster pacing, difficult, and also fun, download this game. It's also a game you can play when you're mad, because you can destroy everyone you find, and in various ways too, really, ULTRAKILL is awesome and i really recomend you joining their discord server 'cuz there you can follow how this game is still is going to grow even better, and the people there are nice too ^^! so yea!

"should i download this? it's worth it?"


also, the soundtrack is Godlike!


WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW INCREDIBLE It is a perfect game, the art is so amazing. One of the best games i have played ever. I loved it!! I cant wait for the full game


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This is one of the best games I've played. However, for some reason 80% of the time I try to load the game it simply dosn't start up. Over all this is a great game. (Edit: before I was using it on Desktop, but I found out it consistantly works in downloads.)


The game is AMAZING but...why did you have to make the Cerebus boss sooo hard

That sometimes happens when you've been developing your game for long enough that you've become too good at it. The next version of the Prelude will make Cerberus a bit easier on Standard difficulty and the full game will have easier difficulty modes available if it's still too hard.

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holy jesus with two shot guns riding a bear, this is possibly the best gun game i've played, and it's also very tough. punching enemies is fun, shooting heads off is fun, and charging death lasers is fun.


i had a fuckton of fun playing this. i would have given a detailed review if i had anything more to add, honestly its just pure fun and the music is kickass too.

had a blast playing it! Only issues was the jump sometimes didnt activate and the punch range is really short, other than that I cant wait fo r the full release

Those will be fixed in the full version.

also on the one-machine army lvl why are the heads so hard to kill

the first time they appeared they were easy to kill but now they are WERRY HARD what am i soppused to do? parry the gigantic laser?

i like the game and all but we need health bars for bigger enemys like the giant heads and when i parry his little bullets they dont hit...

Parried projectiles will go to where you're currently aiming.

Malicious Faces dont take damage from explosions so if you're trying to use those they're not very effective. The non-boss versions have less health than the boss version.

the swordsmachine mode breaks
no health bar
no indication
also game is a bit too hard

maybe... make it a bit e a s y e r?

There will be easier difficulty modes in the full game.

The Swordsmachine breaking I'm aware of but have no idea what causes it yet. The fight does still work, but you won't know how much health he has.

Oh OK thanks

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cerberus is hard 

now cerberus is a disgrace XD i didn't even fight him in violent mode yet, i'm scared

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great idea and well made 10/10 a cool little detail could be that when you shoot a dead body and it explodes it heals you a little


It was originally that way but was removed for balance reasons. Not much point to the whole health system if you can just run away and hit some bodies a couple times to get your health back.


i love this game i just wish it has controller support


Maybe for the full release, but no promises.

can you make a Mac version 

I'll look into it.


I love the game and can't wait for the full release.
I have one question, how can I reset the prelude to moment where i can select the difficulity? I know that i can change the difficulity i choose in the beginning from easier to harder in level select but how i can change that core difficulity without needing to reistall the whole game?

"Standard" and "Violent" are the only difficulties available in the Prelude. In the full game you will be able to pick from any of the difficulties in that menu.

oh, ok. Thx, i thought i just fucked myself by not choosing higher difficulity


Makes me feel very skilled and cool while playing 9/10 definitely recommend it 


Disliking makes you dumb dumb



The blood mechanic does not always work. A lot of the time you can be practically showering in the blood coming down off of enemies or bosses and getting zero health for it. The guardian of hell is really really bad for this and you basically have to be hugging their ankles point blank to get any health even when the blood clearly spraying all over you. This is really bad because the visuals make you misjudge where the health zone you need to be in actually is. 


Currently it's a sphere collider rather than actually being based on where the blood sprays to make sure you can't get fucked over by RNG. I'll take a look at tweaking it, though.


This demo alone is seriously amazing! GREAT JOB!


this game is amazing ill 100% buy the full game, i don't know who is saying its hard but whoever it is doesn't know how to use their abilities , in fact i think you should reduce the dash time.

beat the game in about an hour, was very fun. here is the video i made about it 


Made an account just to comment on this. 

Amazing game, don't listen to anyone saying it's too hard, that's what makes it great. Not a huge fan of the PSX style texture warping so I turned all of that off but everything else about the game is absolutely phenomenal.

Some people might say that quake-esque retro shooters are overdone but this one stands out on its own in every way and is in its own league, I've never played anything like it. 

Looking forward to seeing where this goes.


i cant pass the tutorial this game is a bit too hard i just wish i could progres

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Since you seem to have missed the response on the Discord, during the part in the tutorial that teaches you to dash, you're supposed to dash in the air to cross the gap.

thats what i did but the game didnt let me jump high enough i tried so many times nothing worked jump dash dash is the combo right? well i kept falling down

Just once is enough. Dash at the height of your jump. If you're still having trouble, you can see me doing it at 0:20 of this video.

why counlt i jump that high thats unfair


Can you show a video of what's happening? You wont get a high jump if you dash too early, but if you can't get that high even without dashing at all, something's gone wrong.


like the game but some levels bosses are super hard


The full version will have easier difficulty modes if the bosses are too hard currently.

I cant get to upgrade menu by just pressing on the gun button, i have to click all the surface of the button to find position where it works.

Are you using the linux version? No idea what causes it but it’s a common problem on linux. Will look into it when I have time.

Yeah, i'm using linux version, ok :)

Hey How did you do the wall jump.

I'm getting into making games and would like help to make that wall jump.

Game Dev or otherwise if you have advice please reply


Just placed a sphere collider trigger on the player that checks when a wall is inside it. When the player jumps, it checks the direction by comparing the sphere’s position with the closest point on the wall’s collider. Then resets vertical velocity and adds upwards + direction force.


Amazing, love the old school DOOM style aesthetic, bit fast paced for me but it still good, like the risk taking reward system. I would add a bit of story in it (Haven't played it all yet), i like the upgrade system (ITS NOT LOOT BOXES) and cant wait for the final release.

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This game is awesome.

Btw, i was trying to produce somebugs. And here what i've got.

lol, that glitch is weird


Cant wait to see the real game itself looks fricking great and the ending to the first part FINISH IT ALREADY TAKE MY MONEY REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE but seriously its really good :)


best game of all time. just wish full version could be free so i could play it


Just perfect. The coin alt-fire for revolver just blew me away. Keep it coming!


awesome demo!


Absolutely bananas and hard as nails, simply fantastic!


This game is insane. Absolute masterpiece. The gunplay is satisfying and the enemies strike a great balance between challenging and still not feeling like bullet sponges. I cannot wait until this comes out!


I haven't played anything as satisfying as this for a long time. Just WOW!!!

Unplayable for me... my aim just sucks, but it is an awesome game for who can play it.
Goodluck for the early access!


this is sick

Is there a new version on any other website that is i can download. I seen level 1-3 on your youtube channel and though maybe there was a new version. If not thats alrigh cant wait to see what this game will have to offer when its released.

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Sorry, but this prelude is all you're gonna get until the game comes out on early access in 2020. I post development updates on youtube and twitter so people can see how it's progressing, which is why there are videos of levels that aren't in the demo.


I just beat the game and JESUS CHRIST! this game is freaking awesome! can't wait until full release!

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